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Welcome to The HellenBacks...

"A while back i got hired as a sub guitar player for a casino gig I hated. I mean Hated!!! I would turn this gig down with other bands constantly. However the only reason i took it this time was to help out the other guitar player cuz he double booked himself.

Now one of the things I'm pretty good at is spotting talent. We were not even 3 songs in and i was having fun. They didn't take themselves seriously they just were. I thought this is a band i could do the Casino grind with. Cuz these guys weren't yer typical casino band they played all the same songs everybody has to play but did it like a REAL band. And only dedicated musicians with a passion for it will get that statement.

They offered me the job and i took it. RATT started taking up my entire life and i had to step away. When i left RATT these guys took me back.

Then the singer invited me to play on a song he wrote.

That opened a whole new door.

Six tracks in to the record and i could not be more excited."

The HellenBacks Jimmie B. Romero Sean Koos Al Serrato Doc Ellis

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