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What is cool?

Couple of years back was doing a tour of the UK with Jizzy's Mighty Love/Hate.

I believe it was Wolverhampton Slade room?.. I may be way off but we'll stick with that.

While Rockin I noticed this youngster up front also Rockin.

Now when ever i see a youngster Rockin it catches my eye and I make a point to go out of my way to acknowledge the Rockin youngster cuz I think that Rockin is Cool.

Years later the youngsters father gets ahold of me on the webs and says Hey my boy and I would like to build and run your website.

That my man is fuckin cool.

So Because of that Youngster Rockin there is a

And that... Is fuckin cool.

So moral here?...

Rockin is cool.

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