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Every Tuesday 12pm - 2pm PST on radiovegas.rocks (Podcasts to follow on here)

This show is sponsored by - 

Elizabeth Higgins (Australia) - Jenifer Rather (Montana)

Carrie Lynne (Canada) - Laney Jones (Hampton) - James (Texas) - John Morasso (North Las Vegas) - Olli Niggli (Zurich) - Craig Shiman (California) - Melissa Ruffino (Pennsylvania) - Claudia Brotman (Vegas)

Janette Martin (Indiana) - James Bowers (Henderson) - Barbara Lemonakis (Pennsylvania) - Keith from Warpath Photography - Outi Korpela (Finland) - Matt Hennager's Guitar Lessons (Vegas)

(More names to be added...check back) - you lot are AWESOME and this show would be nothing without you. Doc.

Doc on the radio



Doc needs YOU - Exclusive Radio Show Sponsor Deal -

Sponsor Doc on RadioVegas.Rocks

Exclusive show sponsors get their name on the docellis.com website (Corporate sponsorship available), as well as shoutouts on the show by the man himself. You also get an exclusive sponsor only EP featuring -

Hey Hey Rock n Roll
So Yeah
Gotta Girl
Let it Burn

Coffee and Cigarettes 

I Can't Make It on Time

Punk Ass Trendy

(You will be sent an image with the link once you subscribe) - Each sponsorship quantity is $20

Sponsor $60 or more in one go and get an EXCLUSIVE DOC ON THE RADIO T-Shirt. Hell Yeah! (And higher up the website)

Sponsor $100 or more in one go and get a T-Shirt and Mug....and even higher up the website.

You get the score...the more you sponsor the more you get.

There are some biz attached to everything. Radio is no different. It costs money to run a station and that's why you hear so many ads. Now we can try to go that way and maybe even make a buck. Or....sponsored by you amazing people. If ya like the show and wanna keep it going make a donation. I ain't trying to get rich here but don't want it costing me money either. The way i see it. You want it? Donate. You don't want me to have a show?. That's cool too... I enjoy my couch to. Doc


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